The Great Classic-Modern War, also known to some Robloxians as the Catastrophic Conflict, is a large-scale war and the 6th one occuring. The war occured in Planet Meep. The two armies battling were a human subspecies known as a "Classic" and another human subspecies known as a "Modern". The Moderns and Classics have been in tension and conflict for hundreds of years. This war is the latest war, and is still going today. This is the only war the Celestial Crew didn't partake in yet, despite it being the most catastrophic. Over 350,000 innocent Robloxians were oof'ed in August 7's census and over 60,000 Meeps were lost, some possibly dead. Over 1,000,000 Robloxians were left homeless. Few Classics alive in the war in the beginning are still alive in August 7.

19-794 innocent Robloxians are left homeless every day in the war and 1-384 are oofed everyday.

Notable Conflicts (over 250,000 casualties) Edit

  • The Great War Over Daterville (613,583 casualties)
  • The Great War Under The Depths of Meepcity (524,392 casualties)
  • The Conflict of Magadden (492,292 casualties)
  • The War Near Canyadle Volcano (419,281 casualties)
  • The Southern War (293,321 casualties)
The Great Classic-Modern War
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Vital statistics
Participants Billions of Classics
Date Since 2014
Location Planet Meep